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For those who think…

May 7, 2007

FOR those who think of poets as pondering away the day, this would definitely not be Ms. Garrison. Few work as obsessively at balancing career, children and marriage….The family has a live-in baby sitter and a part-time housekeeper to anchor the household. On this evening, while Ms. Garrison met Georgia and Walter at home, Mr. Garrison picked up Daisy at her hip-hop dance class.–The New York Times (New Jersey Section), May 6, 2007

Few work as obsessively at balancing the insurance business with poetry as Mr. Wallace Stevens…. His Hartford office is well stocked with lackeys, secretaries, flunkeys, and junior associates who cover for him while he ponders jars on hills and his uncle’s monocle.

Most creative writing professors struggle to balance the demands of teaching with the time to continue as poets, but Theodore Roethke has struck a pragmatic balance… With a small stable of graduate students running workshops and grading papers for him and a part-time errand running filling his liquor cabinet, he manages to juggle the many demands on his time.

For those who think of surgeons as spending their days operating on people, this would definitely not be Dr. Johnson….Not, in fact a medical doctor at all, the wit and writer is constantly trailed by a companion, one Boswell, who does most of his writing for him.

For those who think of playwrights as spending their days writing plays, this would definitely not be Will…. Commuting between his family home (which he shares with Ann Shakespeare, née Hathaway), the lodgings of a certain “dark lady,” and the apartments Mr. W.– H.–, Will leaves most of his playwriting to Beaumont, Fletcher and Sir Francis Bacon.

Few struggle as mightily to run the free world and maintain an active life in the on-line fantasy baseball league world as Mr. Bush….But, with Condi and her advisors managing both passionate interests, Mr. Bush has struck the kind of enviable balance that allows him to sleep at night without worry.